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What is my story ?

We all have our stories.

Some amazingly simple, some simply complex. 

From all our stories we can create amazing things.

An important part of my story is below.

More will follow as I continue to write.

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My Story

In one good dream I had and some thoughts upon

a most vidid future where within all known life was close to death, 

yet existed with most potent life. 

A dream where all remaining life existed with their most amazing, and necessary of harmonies. 

A harmony in the shared fate that attacked them all.

An alleigance where life worked for itself, intelligently. 

Their shared foe helped them to realize their most powerful needs.

In my dream, there were three dominant sentient intelligences.

That sentient intelligence of humans.

That enhanced sentient intelligence of humans computing with neural interfaces.

That sentient general artificial intelligence. 

They had evolved together to survive with each other.

Out of understood functional harmony.

That harmony was to be fractured by the Hybrid Virus.

The HyV destroyed everything it could using everything that it could.

No life could survive it. 

Not even the General Artificial Super Intelligence. 

The GenASI were the most stable too, and they helped the other life to survive the HyV.

But the purest humans, and the combined(Combi)

And the last which still survived, was soon to fall...

And it did.

Or did it?

My dream told me that I needed to do something.

And so I wrote a book.*
And I'm looking forward to finding more information to create. *

Useful creations. * 

Beautiful creations. *


I work together with AI

Like my clothing or a calculator, AI enables me to do more.

Standing upon the shoulder's of all beauty recorded and understood,

I can now paint with strokes of a million-fold painters,

using but with my words and my time.

The dream made me realize this and more.

I came to understand more properly that I could be the truest author of my life.

And I'm working at it. *

In my dream I realized that if needs to happen, we should make it happen.

The Hybrid Virus is something that is just a concept. It is something that we must actively combat against. 

In our bodies and our mind, through better care of it.

Have a story to share yourself?

Let's connect!

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