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Entropy Warriors

We are warriors. All of us.

Warriors in the eternal battle against a true death. Necrotic onslaughts will savage us quickly, taking us slowly into the total demise of everything. This future is practically guaranteed.

It is time for us to find the impractical

Our shared existential battle, the one keeping us between the states of ‘that which is' and ‘that which is not, will eventually end. The battle will probably end, with us casting nil into the emptiness that surrounds us. What are we fighting?

The eternal hunger of entropy

As we grow, we come to better know the battles that we are fighting. The battles are not just for ourselves and our own survival. The battles drive us to fight for that which has positively enabled us. Working together, our mortal enemy seems to have retreated slightly. This is not the case. Our enemy is lurking in the shadows, growing stronger as we feed its never-ending cravings.

Our struggle is against the seemingly inevitable and singular enemy we all have. The Death of our individual selves. The Death of everything. If we do not attempt to win against the inevitable, then inevitability will become real.

To win, we must first realize that we are warriors. We must see that we have been fighting from the day that we were born. We must embody the truth that our own ephemeral existence gives us the chance to be part of this war. We must realize that the ripples of our existence can and will extend into the temporal veins after our own battles are over.

To win, we must unify; we must divide. We must see that the scaffolds that have helped us to build the structures of society may now be preventing our own growth. We must understand that our previous assets may now be limitations to our growth.

To win, we must evolve, lest entropy’s infinite desire will consume everything.

We must fight against the inevitable as only then can our existence have eternal meaning.

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