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Weekly Poems 2022

2022 - 09 - 07

Tomorrow’s today will be here soon with rounded flight

As the world spins in its dizzying flight.

Today’s tomorrow it does not yet exist

But for in our minds it may still persist.

And for that we can look forward to

the graphs and charts that will follow true

from the digital thoughts, that are only but 0’s and 1s,

Enabled by both past and present suns.

As we see the time, filling up it’s entropic tank

It’s put to us to give it file and rank.

For in what we do, and what we make

We create the future, for future’s sake.

2022 - 06 - 15

This week it is for all to be

Sharing in miscellaneous harmony

The various results we’d like more to know,

So please put them here and give them show

2022 - 06 - 06

With challenges found on almost every day

We can find the path to make our way

And see the sights that allow our greater stay

That’s why tomorrow we’ll hear some deeper ‘say’.

2022 - 05 - 24

Number’s crunching into the night

Slowly changing to find what’s right

In their continued losses

Creating a much greater win.

And lead to models that might make us grin.

Deeper wider, recurrent or not,

With some transformers training with pre sentient thought,

The numbers flowing through their tunneled traces

Dripping closer, nearer soon to a local well.

Making mighty magic with an algebraic spell.

2022 - 05 - 22

Morning Light

Into the day and all through the night,

the sun it shines and keep the light

on the wild world. It spins so fast

there is not anyway way to make it last.

It I continue on, into the next of days

For sometime soon, we’ll have our son.

He’ll come to us,

With Parnian for his mother,

Not a better one.

As so we welcome you our first and last,

celebration for, our Son’

2022 - 05 - 17

The world, it is

what some might say

but In a state of

catastrophic disarray

But not at all at the very same time

But soon to be found

Like rhythm ad rhyme.

Throughout the ages,

they raise they fall,

A cycling clockwork that now

That now has the fall.

When turmoil abound

Both long - near and soon - far,

It’s for us to take care,

And beware of the bizarre.

For if we can take

The steps we soon must

And We can find those good friends

Who with our lives we will trust.

Then we can protect our good fate,

when we can think of more - all.

2022 - 05 - 18

Sealed knowledge

So tight inside, I might soon now say,

might not never know the pain

that love can bring, to those who wait,

and let the world decide their fate.

2022 - 05 - 17

Into the day and into the night,

the number’s crunching puts up the fight.

They help the ways in which we see

and better create a destiny

where we can live better, and stronger.

The number’s wielded by those who can

to see what’s here and see what is

so that we might better change it

and to help us pass another life's quiz.

But its challenge is found, in the soonest of ways,

like staring closer, into the computer’s gaze.

But we can remember rightly that with our good thoughts

and our efforts put into much better ‘aughts

We can find the path’s to make it so

all DNA’s info can help us to better know.

2022 - 05 - 11

Tomorrow’s find

Tomorrow’s find, in all goodwill

A GPU that runs much quicker still.

A faster clock with more parallel runs

Enabling computation faster, like light from sun.

With a better flow for a better way,

the pathways follow with less willowed frey.

A signal was sent, and returned back,

Processed faster, with a better stack.

The signal comes in, and leaves so fast.

With major questions most quickly asked,

And answers found from what was seen.

The signal coming from a sequenced gene.

2022 - 04 - 27



Almost x-ty years go by

And you still do not know why

That you can still lose one sock

That can never be found

The one that once paired

might be under the ground

Or in some deep crack

or crevice of sorts

Thats so deep and hidden

within abyssal transports.

With a glance of your eye,

or the whiff of a smell

you might think its here,

or if it’s still in sock hell.

Or perhaps in sock heaven,

for why to that place?

But whomever you’ll ask

might respond kindly with grace.

“Sock heaven you say?

Or some sock hell of the like?

Some things tricking your brain

or tripping your psyche.

for now its long known,

where the socks do go to stay

when they’re working to skeet

to stay off your body,

and avoid your stank feet.

“It is completely now known that they

live in the sky.

In a little cooled room.

With cloud compute you can buy

“If the simulation is glitching,

which happens a lot

You might find them missing

Or tied in a not

“And if the code that is confusing

in the socks that we find,

There is sometimes a new one,

of much different design.

“Tis of the ‘glitch of the matrix’

or so in the movies they say

We’ll I’ll tell you quickly.

It's us they obey.”

“The simulation is rigged

for those who can’t find

the socks that they need

To put on their feet

and make a better life

with great speed.

“So remember this now

the next time you think

of where your socks could be going

“In the clouds or the sink”?

“It is not our own now lost,

and single sad socks,

that might matter the most.

But the toks are fast ticking

and changing the clocks.

The words are good hearing

So I appreciate them great.

And I won’t let lost socks bearing

Take more time from my fate.

2022 - 04 - 19

We’ll now soon find

Just where we’ll be

And what’s on our mind

For both you and we.

For the perspectives that we do share

Lends us power to take more care

In what we do and what we say

To find success and avoid dismay

So here we will tomorrow find

All our words together to keep in mind

That not just one team will take the stage

To hear each other and gain better gauge

2022 - 04 - 12 “Tricking within our Mind”

It always seems we can somehow find

A tickled tricking within our mind

Of that which is

Or what might be

With a useful way to somehow see.

Into the depths of genetic’s lairs.

We purview deeply into chemical hairs

That makes it so we can peer

Into the roots that can allow us cheers.

For we can find what nature hides

Far deeper still with our neural strides.

Within our thoughts and our technology made

We come much closer to the info cascade.

That tumbles bigger from a minuted size.

That allows us ways to be more wise.

2022 - 04 - 05

It wins.

It loses.

That’s life.

That’s death.

From these we find.

What comes.

What’s next?

For that,

Which is now,

Is that, which might be.

And a bit of that which is.

In our minds,



we can see.

Towards that which might be.

Is only a silver sliver

of that which



is but now.

Our futures to be found.

A state to be told,

and to make it



Info now bound

To what we can see

Allows our next of now

Allowing our kindred,


2022 - 03 - 24

Yes you see we’re all still here

Working, learning, on stuff quite clear

In how it can help to improve the health

For our diverse backgrounds and different wealth

It’s just up to us to see it through

To crunch the numbers to make it new

To make it so it goes all the way

So our tech does make a better day

And so we meet in our traditional way

Wednesday meetings, going round to say

What each might like to share with all

So we can learn together and stay on ball.

2022 - 02 - 16

Our times are now a clustered fest

of uncertain news that gives a challenging test.

It is up to us to see this through

to make it further so that we’ll see it true

To the futures, we’ll have, and the futures we need

To share health, and fortune, with a greater speed.

It is within our strength, and our focused minds

to see right through the darkened folds that can make us blind.

To use our might and our resolved creed

To work together and move beyond ending greed.

For each thought we make and each word we speak

Brings us further or closer to the world we seek.

So with our agency found in our complex quest,

might we choose a path that goes to our much greater best?

2022 - 02 - 09

A circular square.

A planar point.

The present challenge

that is never there.

In what we see we will see no more

In the neural network,

That is all at once,

not once before.

With our insightful minds

We’ll find no peace,

If all we see

are the works of war.

But because we can

make our choices so

We might write it right,

to make a better lore.

2022 - 02 - 03

It is just now for you to see

Tomorrow’s meeting will not longer be

The weekly one we have as team

But one with a different, important, theme.

So please go there and hear their thoughts

Of what we’re doing and what customers bought

2022 - 02 - 15

For you, for me, is now a we

In where we are and how we see

Allows us a better destiny

For it is you, who I do love

With a warmed light from my central heart

For we are great in joined times

Making, creating, much better rhymes

Together now we can much greater be

For you are now the world to me.

2022 - 02 - 09

It is just now for me to say

I hope you have a splendid day

In knowing that your life is bright

and your future still has so much light

In who you are and how you go

Is far more great than just what you know

So enjoy it all and in all good time,

You’ll share it forward for more in kind.

For today it is a day of great

one of happy repleted state

It is a day of celebrated win

For you exist without and have all within.

2022 - 02 - 08

With what we see we might let free

A better form of destiny

Where we might find a better day

Through thankful thoughts and mindful ways,

That is now just what we’ll find

As we share just from our focused minds

The results that are and the results we want

So as to push science forward and make avant,

The world around with our centered core

We’ll make it better for so many more

That we’ll succeed in how we win this game

As we reach quite far, to our highest aim.

2022 - 02 - 01

It is to know for all to see

A weekly meeting where simulations be

Of nano-size, yet mega-scale

They provide us a focused trail

Of where we are and what we know

And where we might just want to go.

So let’s hear them soon and enjoy their rhyme

For X’s up for tomorrow's time.

2022 - 01 - 26

When left is right and up is down

We see the world still goes all round

All the same and still it’s not

The power is in our focused thought

In what our mind can see more wise

In the keen-ness of our observant eyes

That all around there is our way

To make each night lead to a better day.

2022 - 01 - 19

It is right here for you to see

Just a tidge bit late, so I hope you’ll be

So inclined to allow it your abide

And add your important thoughts on a new-good slide.

2022 - 01 - 11

We are just here in this new good week

Of the subsequent year, for not the meek

For it is now great time for us to see

That the future is what we can make it be.

So take the time and go right along

To make it worth a singing song

Or a few fine words in a book that’s read

Or some memories made and stored in someone’s head.

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